San Fernando Valley Stations

Mid Valley along the now abandon Burbank Branch was the Van Nuys Freight Station, it was constructed of concrete block.

These four views are of the Canoga Park Freight Station located on the Burbank Branch at the West end of the Valley.

Below are several views of the Chatsworth Station. This station was used in many early movies.

The next three photos are of the Northridge Freight Station. It was located along the the Coast Line.

Below is the San Fernando Freight Station located along the San Joaquin Valley line.

The above photo is showing the new San Fernando Train Order Office built during the mid 1960s that replace a temporary Train Order Office made out of several parked Harriman Cars, and the earlier wooden station removed. Above and below color photo by: Terry Guy

The below photo is of the Vincent Train Order Office located along the Valley line towards Mojave. Photo by: Bruce Petty