The Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley Railroad

By | January 4, 2019

My layout is modeled after Southern California during the early 1960s. It is built as a round the room shelf type layout, 14 to 18 inches wide allowing for close up photography. Enjoy the photo tour and be sure to check out more web-article links for model building projects at the top and the bottom of this page.

FOR SALE: Old Time 1880s-1930, Train Crews / Engineer / Fireman

These are a new item from Century Foundry, Relay cases with electrical detail equipment inside.
Here is the link to Century Foundry

I’ve wondered how forklift’s get into freight cars and reefers from the loading dock, so after some
research I made a brass master pattern to cast up. I now have
Dock Plates on my loading docks, if you need some of these for your loading docks, check here. Forklift Dock Plates