A Paved Road for a One Horse Town

By Talon Baldwin

Using a felt tip marker, the edges of the road was marked in town.

Doing this mark-up on the layout will help keep the road in the proper location.

After the buildings are moved away from the work area.

I used Blue Painters Tape to lay out the final road width.

Paved roads in cities are usually made wider for parking.

Tape right over the tracks.

Now comes the fun part! I used Red Devil, Lightweight Spackle to build up the road surface.

A .030 thick, 2 inches wide strip of styrene was used to spread the spackle.
Build the roadway to the top of the rail, then while the spackle is still soft use
the .030 edge of the styrene tool make a flang-way next to the rail and let the spackle dry.

Work the spackle into the layout surface so it will hold together well.

Keep the spackle thinner along the street edge.

Put on a thin first layer and let dry for several hours or use a heat gun.

Sand smooth and add more layers so to build up the street higher in the center than on the streets edges.

A small 12v auto vacuum is used to pick up the sanding dust.
Note the electrical clips used to attach the vacuum to the rail for power.


After spackling and sanding the roadway to the correct contour,
gray Latex indoor flat house paint was brushed on the road surface.
Be sure to work the paint into the rail crossing flangeway so no white spackle is showing.

Cover the road generously with paint.

The heat gun can carefully be used to dry the Latex paint,
or just wait a few days.

After the gray paint is dry (really dry), remove the blue painters tape by pulling the tape sharply back on itself carefully.

Now to add the street line makings.

Lay strips of the Painters Tape on glass and using a sharp Xacto blade and a steel stright edge
cut off the outside edge of the blue tape to expose a fresh edge.
The cut .040 strips for the center of the double line.

Lay these center strips down first and add 1/4" wider strip on each side leaving .040 of the street exposed.

Use a small stiff art brush to paint an off-white (very light gray) paint on the tape.
Use the dry brushing method to keep the street stripes form a paint build up.

Peel the Blue Tape back on to itself at a sharp angle.

And the road is finished with all the street line markings.

Here is Talon's mom Bonnie doing some paint work on the ground cover.

The End