Colorado Refractory Company

Located in Canyon City, CO., this plant made Refractory pieces that were used in electrical appliances. The plant was closed in 1991.

Beginning at the back side of the plant, the following photos are a counterclockwise look around.

The Royal George Railway now uses the property to store and work on their equipment. Part of an orange diesel locomotive can be seen on the spur track that served the plant.

It appears this corrugated building did the grinding of the mineral used. The brick stack at the right is for a outside furnace, one of six that surround the plant.

East end view of the corrugated building.

The track side of the building. Notice the steel bins of material sitting in front.

West-front side of the building.

This is the smallest of the natural gas fired kilns sitting on the track side of the plant.

Shown the above and below photos, are the larger gas fired of four kilns located on the west side of the plant.

View of the west side looking between kilns.