Views of the LAUPT

A Photographic Tour

The Ticket Concourse at one time was used by the three western railroads to sell their tickets for trains departing the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. Southern Pacific trains were the Coast Daylight, San Joaquin Daylight, Sunset and the Golden State, Santa Fe operated The Chief to Chicago, and San Diego bound trains. Union Pacific ran its City of Los Angeles.

The morning of September 19, 2011, I arrived at the station on a Metrolink train and began taking pictures as usual. However the camera was not working well, it seemed to take pictures back in time about the 1940s.

Even out in front of the great station 1940s Taxis were parked ready to pick up ariving passengers.

The truth is, it was movie day at the station and studio all over the place. This is the camera dolly, not much of a camera. Some movie called Gangster Squad was being made.

Facing south under the Great Arches is the entrance to the old Harvey House Restaurant. It has been closed for some time but someday we can only hope the doors will be open again.

Looking in through the glass doors of the Harvey House, imagine the people dining in this busy restaurant during WWII. Perhaps yourself, (if you are old enough) have had lunch here, may even remember what you ordered.

The Waiting Room has about the most comfortable chairs in town, leave grandpa here, he won't move from the chair.

The North Patio has a fountain, benches and walkways that provide a beautiful and quiet resting place for the traveler.

You can turn grandmother loose in this garden, may find her later playing in the fountain.

This Passage way connect the Waiting Room and the long tunnel under the tracks having ramps leading to each platform. Baggage arriving from and going on board trains is checked here.

Terminal Tower was the nerve center for passenger trains arriving and departing the station tracks. In the all widowed room, towermen use to operated a large interlocking control panel for all the track switches and signals. Now Metrolink has an operations center that controls all passenger traffic lines into the Terminal.

You can read more about The Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal in this book, The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles. See home page for details.

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