Passenger Car Photographs

By | January 4, 2019

By 1959 the Southern Pacific began painting their lightweight passenger equipment in Sunset color scheme, silver for the car sides and roof and a red letter board stripe, dark gray was used for the under body and trucks.

 Listed below are the types of lightweight cars that ran on both the Coast Daylight, San Joaquin and the Sunset trains during the 1960s.


Parlor Observation SP 2954

Shasta Coach SP 2384

Coach SP 2243

Articulated Coach SP “2463”-2464

Articulated Coach SP 2463-“2464”

Lounge SP 2982

Full Length Dome SP 3606

Tavern SP 10317

Coffee Shop SP 10403, was well known for the greasiest burgers on rails.

Coffee Shop, built for the “Sunset Limited”. Don’t ask for cheese.

Automat Cafe SP 10604

Automat Cafe SP 10608

Baggage-Crew Dorm SP 3100

Baggage-Crew Dorm built for the “Sunset Limited”.

12 Bedroom Sleeper SP 9401, built for the “Cascade”.

12 Bedroom Sleeper SP 9403, former Pullman Company (Golden Poppy) running on “Golden State”.

RPO, BAGGAGE and EXPRESS CARS at the head end of Southern Pacific’s passenger trains such as the San Joaquin Daylight, Lark and Owl and the Imperial

Baggage/Mail SP 6779, painted Dark Gray.

RPO/Baggage SP 5013, painted Dark Gray.

RPO/Baggage SP 5032, painted Dark Gray.

Express Box Car SP 5709, painted Two Tone Gray.

Railway Express Agency Company cars in Los Angeles.

REA-Baggage REX 812, purchased 1961 from PRR.

REA Container Flat REX 3411.

REA Reefer REX 7844.

REA New Haven 5116, rebuilt troop sleeper.

REA Great Northern 2222, Express Reefer.

REA Texas & Pacific 1152, Baggage.

REA Rock Island 4192, Baggage

REA Missouri Pacific 4231, Baggage.

Other Cars

 Ice Capades Car (was PRR baggage), in Los Angeles, 1967