Movie Production Railroading

By Bruce Petty

Back during the early 1990s the Southern Pacific Railroad had a train rental plan for the movie studios. Thats when the studios had the big money to spend on their productions, however production budgets are getting much more thrifty about their railroad scenes. Nowadays model railroad layouts are used such as my layout because it has the Los Angeles area look to it.

The Golf Course Run By

This movie called "Repo Chick" directed by Alex Cox, who also directed the 1983, LA area movie "Repo Man". In "Repo Chick" the actors play little HO scale people on the layout who get into all sorts of mischief. The train is the one seen being filmed in the You-Tube clips below. I will say this about all the plastic people on my layout had places to go and things to do when Alex said the director's magic word, "ACTION". Look for Repo Chick movie to be released in 2010.

Making the Movie