Manley Oil Field No.2

Guest page by: Albert Novak

These photographs of another downtown Los Angeles oil field were taken in 1983. They show a 3-well, jack-line oil field operated by Manley Oil located on a hillside at the corner of Glendale Blvd and Rockwood St, just over a mile west of the Los Angeles city hall. At the time these photos were taken, the wells were still in operation. This compact little oil field with all the little details would make a neat model.

The neat little operator's house faces Rockwood St. Well #1 is seen at the right of the photograph.

The map shows the layout of the 3 wells and the structures seen in the photos

Looking north, we see well #2, with Glendale Blvd in the background. The operator's house is just to the left of the ivy.

The power house was located between the garage and the operator's house.

Looking north from the alley, we see the rear of the operator's house, the power house, well #3 in the foreground with the garage behind it.

The oil collection tank with well #3 and the garage as seen from the alley behind the property.

Looking northward from the alley, the entire operation can be seen. Well #1 is to the left, well #2 is in the center between the power house and well #3. The operator's house can be seen behind the oil collection tank, and the garage is behind well #3.

When this photo was taken in October 2003, the entire site was surrounded by a chain-link fence, but it was still pumping oil. Looking in the same direction as photo 5, we can see the oil collection tank and the top of the cage that encloses the newer style pump at well #3. The large bungalow-style house seen in photo 5 still exists in the background.

If you like oil history, then may I suggest this fine book "Drilling Through Time" by William Rintoul. Published by the California Department of Conservation, Divison of Oil and Gas. ISBN 0-9627124-0-X

For those in High School and looking for a career in geology. Montana Tech has one of the few Petroleum Engineering programs left in the US, as well as Mining Engineering. Montana Tech's website is and this direct link to Professor Diane Wolfgram PHD, Mining Engineering department's web page.

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