The Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal was called the last of the great train stations that opened in 1939 to serve the three major western railroads, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and the Santa Fe.

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  • NEW Rules and Special Instructions for operation within Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, 1984.

  • Views of LAUPT taken September 20, 2010.

    Check out these classic color postcard views of the LAUPT from the 1940s.

    This train arriving at the Los Angeles Union Passenger Station at 7:25PM is number 52, the San Joaquin Daylight. The consist for this train in 1971 was five cars. Baggage, Automat, Shasta Coach and a Articulated Coach.

  • Southern Pacific's Mission Coach Yard is where the SP cleaned and re-supplied their fleet of passenger equipment. Westward coach yard view - Eastward coach yard view

  • Union Pacific's Passenger Car Yard is where this railroad cleaned and re-supplied the City of Los Angeles train.

  • Passenger and Baggage Cars during the 1960's.

  • RPO and Baggage Cars for Mail Trains.

  • "The Imperial" US Mail and Express Train

  • Southern Pacific Passenger Depots in Southern California.

    Here are Passenger Diesel photographs showing types of Southern Pacific power used in passenger service.

  • Southern Pacific's Coast Daylight is ready to depart LAUPT on track number 8 at 9:15 AM for San Francisco. The photo was taken in 1971, only few months before Amtrak took over passenger train operations. This photograph is of the Coast Daylight in the Santa Susana Mountains near Chatsworth. When the Coast Daylight stops at Ventura, the Baggage Car being loaded from the stations baggage cart.

    Here is the Union Pacific's, City of Los Angeles departing LAUPT nearing Mission Tower.

    Early Amtrak Days 1971

    During the early 1980's a Commuter Train operation was started for a run out into the San Fernando Valley, at the time using Southern Pacific equipment from the San Francisco Commuter pool.


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