Further downstream and looking east, is the Second Crossing of the L.A. River for Southern Pacific's Sunset Line to El Paso. The original Three Span Double Track Bridge was constructed in 1902 (this picture, but was reconstructed in 1938 for tracks to turn northward and tie into S.P's east bank connection for the new L.A. Union Passenger Terminal to open May 7, 1939. Photo 1938, Courtesy S.P.RR.
Looking west across the L.A. River is Mission Tower that controls track turnouts, crossings and signals for entry to and from the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. A Santa Fe Passenger train leaves for San Diego. The Second Crossing Bridge is to the right is reciving a coat of red oxide primer be Photo 1973.
In Amtraks early years, many passenger cars from other railroads were now mixed, AT&SF with S.P. as seen with this San Diego bound train. Photo 1971.
Northbound train from San Diego is only a few minutes from the Union Passenger Terminal. Photo 1971.
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