This is a view looking north from the Broadway Bridge of S.P.Midway Yard the Santa Fe Bridge crossing the L.A.River. This steel bridge has been removed and replaced with a concrete crossing for the LA Metro System. Photo 1961

You can go to this page and see the Old Freight Car Photographs showing the kinds of cars that rolled through the Los Angeles rail yards. More Pictures will be added here

The inbound Super Chief is just minutes from the Los Angeles Union Passenger Station seen here at Broadway. Photo 1971
The Santa Fe Super Chief had just left the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal a few minutes before crossing the L.A. River on it's way to Chicago. Photo 1971
Looking upstream on the east bank of the L.A. river is a Southern Pacific Diesel (Alco C415) and the B&B Circus Train about to pass under the Santa Fe Bridge on its way to Mission Tower from Taylor Yard. Photo 1971
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