A line up of CF-7 Diesel Power for the LAJ, (Left to right) 2563 behind the 2568, 2571 and 2619.

A Santa Fe 1200 (MK-1200 LNG) leads LAJ 2619, CF-7, a former ATSF diesel leaving A-Yard. The reason for the double-header, are heavy hopper loads of sand on the "head end" for Owens Glass Co. and loaded flour hoppers destined for the "Fruit and Team Tracks" at a small yard that also shares space with the Santa Fe loading dock and the "coil car" crane.

At a road crossing in Vernon the ATSF 1200 and LAJ 2619 stop to cut some team track cars off the rear end. The Santa Fe 1200 (MK-1200 LNG) runs on Liquified Nateral Gas, these units have excellent visibility and power, they were a pleasure to operate.

The ATSF 1200 and the LAJ 2619 returning from the Vernon.

The 2619 CF-7 was rebuilt by the Santa Fe from a F-7.

LAJ 2568 shown after a former Espee hostler known as "Football Head" let some loaded hopper roll into the unit. . . OUCH !

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