Burbank Junction to Taylor Yard

Guest page by Justin Patrick

These photographs were taken by Justin Patrick along the Southern Pacific from Burbank Junction eastward to Taylor Yard.

The Budwiser run gets stuck "in the hole" at Burbank on the Coast Line, the conductor climbs back on the engine after given a "roll by" to an Oakland bound freight.

Engine 8231 heads a sugar beet train running westward on the eastbound main to the Coast Line trackage.

The local with engine 3309 heads to Taylor Yard. Note that this train is heading eastward on the westbound track.

The Burbank local was switching some hopper cars into the Andrew Jergins Company spur when the last hopper car went on the ground. The MOW department was then called to reset the car with their heavy truck crane.

Seen in this photo the the truck crane about ready to make easy work of lifting the hopper car. Years before a steam crane would have had to been called.

Two SW1500 switchers work the Burbank wye to switch Terry Lumber Company. This is the only industry left at eastward end of the Burbank branch that still recives cars.

Sugar Beet Train with the SP Work Train seen far down the track at the left of the picture. The work is to add another siding along the east side of the main line as part of the Metrolink project.

Work Train diesel power SP 6318, GP-35E rebuilt by MK/CN with a 567E prime mover rated at 2500 hp. Note the stacks of old tie plates removed from the old Burbank Depot house track.

Nowadays cabooses are used on work trains to transport crews. Hard service for this SP Caboose, No. 1907, a type C-50-5, note the windows have been covered and a small air vent installed. This may have been used in Los Angeles for local switching jobs.

Two SW-1500 switchers above Alameda St crossovers, on the "Bud run" to Raymer Yard located on the Coast Line trackage in Van Nuys.

A rare "Pine Bluff" (home terminal) B-7 series G.E. is shown plowing a transfer through Taylor Yard. Take note the autorack cars in the background as they do not have protective metal sides.

These two photos (above and below) are of the caboose track at Taylor Yard.

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