Cool LA Industries for Model Builders


The following photographs are of industries located around the Los Angeles area. I selected these industrial buildings thinking would make good models structures for my HO train layout, and maybe you may find them of intrust for your layout too.

This industry was located along trackage belonging to the Los Angeles Junction Railway. It looks to be some sort of metal forging foundry.

I took the picture 35 years ago, but I think this is the old Pacific Electric Warehouse in downtown. Email me at for any corrections.

Not really an industry, but this Bridge Crane, built 1912, was located at the end of the River Station Yard. The gondola car seen in the distance is to be unloaded with the crane.

Exterior view of Diamond Walnuts packing plant in North Hollywood. Located on the Burbank branch the tracks are located on the far side of the building.

Sylmar Packing Corporation plant was the largest industry there packing and shipping olives. The railroad track in the foreground is a siding to the plant from the Southern Pacific's Valley line

Mountain View Fruit Assn. building & PFE Cars.

Exterior view of the backside of Cudahy Packing Co., located at 803 Macy Street in Los Angeles. This rear view shows the Santa Fe railroad tracks and the Los Angeles River.

Slum dwelling in the downtown Los Angeles industrial area.

Take a close look at these two Incinerator salesmen in front of their business. And why do they look so unhappy? Well. . .The Los Angeles County, Air Pollution Control District just put a ban on residential incinerators, October 1, 1957.

This is the American Desk Company somewhere in the downtown industrial district. The tracks can be seen in the dirt street, not sure if this building had a spur track into it. Anyone have more information about this 1920s industry?

I took the picture 25 years ago of this factory located in the Central Manufacturing District, in Vernon, just south a few miles of downtown Los Angeles. This factory, built during the 1930s is the Strongheart Packing Company (dog food), the Zoom Cereal Factory silos seen in the background are part of another industry built during the late 1950 or early 60s.

This is a 1940s view if the Signal Oil Co. bulk plant in Burbank. It was located next to the Southern Pacific main line near Olive Ave.

1950s photo of the Neiman Reed Lumber Company, at 13301 Burbank Blvd in Van Nuys. Robin Haas photo collection.

Historic Packing Houses and Other Industrial Structures in Southern California by James E. Lancaster