Espee's MOW Structures

The old water tank and pump house at the east end of the Sun Valley Siding are a left over from steam locomotive days. Joe with his dog are out inspecting the switch points before the local arrives from Burbank Junction.

Modeling Note: A new line of HO and N scale, Southern Pacific structure Kits are now made by Showcase Miniatures. This SP Common Standard Pump House is the first of a series of Southern Pacific prototypes. If you would like more details about this model or their other fine kits, visit the Showcase Miniatures website.

Shown here is a prototype picture of a 65,000 gal. steel Water Tank and a Pump House at Wendel, CA., photos taken Oct, 14, 2002.

I've built a number of Southern Pacific track side structures. A Common Standard Water Pump House, Section Foreman's House, Linemans Tool House and Track Workers House. I use Evergreen Scale Models styrene for building construction.

This closer view of the Foreman's House is an SP Common Standard design for the warm weather of the southwest. The Foremans family was quite comfortable with all modern appliances that could be had at that time. These are Plot Plan Blueprints showing the general layout of a Station and Section Houses along the right of way.

I built up several of these "SP type", four unit section houses. Each living space was 10x20 foot space. Each unit had a kitchen and sleeping area of the same size of 10x10 feet.

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