Southern Pacific Mail Train, 39-40

By Bruce Petty

The model Express, Baggage and RPO cars shown on this page are for the consist in my 39-34 Mail Train that went via Southern Pacific from Los Angeles to El Paso then on to Chicago over the Rock Island Railroad. This is the Prototype History about this US Mail and Express Train.

What really makes this train are the different railroad baggage and express cars from many other roads.
You can check out the Prototype Passenger, Baggage and Express Cars used for this train.

This Economy Baggage car used in the 1960s for mail service. This model is an old Soho brass car from 25 years ago.

Express Box Cars were common in mail trains, some were loaded with magazines heading to California. Model Die Casting made this car.

Shipments of flowers would head east from California in these cooled REA express reefers. This is an old Trains Co., brass model that I added more detail on.

This is a really nice 52 Ft. GN Express Reefer by Challenger Imports, Ltd. Maybe this would be a through car from the northwest with live Alaska King Crab to be put on No. 40 in LA, heading to Texas.

Here is a 25 year old Soho Co. Harriman Mail Storage Car. SP had several of these cars, some were used on the Lark, painted two-tone gray.

This train used a streamlined Coach a rider car for passengers traveling short distance between local towns, and there was no food service aboard.
The Coach on 40 was turned at El Paso to head back to LA on 39.