The Town Christmas Tree

The Town Christmas Tree

Christmas story by Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bruce

Duncan and his Uncle Thomas (who is visiting from England), were sound asleep in their stalls at the roundhouse.
Before daybreak the roundhouse crew arrived to light fires in their engines boilers and get ready for a important job today.

"What could be SO IMPORTANT that I have to wake up so early?" Duncan asks. The really big engines around the roundhouse tell Duncan that, "He is going to take Mr. Crane to the mountains and get the Town Christmas Tree. A really big Christmas Tree too!" They added.

Duncan, Thomas and Tex the Caboose, begin their morning with a spin on the turntable. . .

. . . and head to the fuel and sand tower. Sand is needed to give traction
between the driving wheels and the rail for going up the mountain grade.

Thomas and Tex the Caboose, are sent by the dispatcher to the station
and pick up the Scouts, who will be cutting the Christmas Tree.

Thomas soon arrived to meet Duncan with Mr. Crane in the mountains. The Scouts went up the Mountain side to fine a really nice tree for the town. They used the old time bucksaw to to cut the tree and a cable from Mr. Crane to bring it down the hill.

The Scouts loaded onto a flat car with help from the crane.
Large Christmas Trees are awkward to handle with anything other than a crane.

It didn't take long for Duncan to arrive back to town with the precious load.
Very carefully the crane lifts and moves the tree into position.

Everybody in town watched as the tree was set into station park.

By nightfall all the lights were on the Tree and loud cheer from the Scouts to thank Duncan,
Thomas and the railroad crew for their help!

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