Duncan & Thomas in:
The Christmas Tree Train

Remember last year when Duncan asked Thomas to to wait on the Scrap Yard track? Thomas was very worried about seeing all the cut up scrap steel. But there was a reason. . .

Thomas had come a long way by ship from the island of Sodor to visit his cousin Duncan who works for the Big Railroad Company in Kalifornia. However, Thomas soon found he had a problem on the Big Railroad's tracks. His couplers would NOT connect!

This was a BIG problem for Thomas because not being able to pull any freight cars in Kal-ee-forina. He would be NO help at all! An embarised Thomas had to be chained-up and pulled behind Tex the Caboose.

Duncan began pulling Thomas along slowly. "Not too fast!" said Thomas, "I don't want to bump Tex the Caboose when we stop."

The scrap yard track was the closest place along the line to help Thomas with replacement couplers. The type used in Kaleefornia.

Removing the old hook coupler was not hard for the workmen at the Scrap Yard. "There are plenty of coupler parts around the yard to choose from," they said.

Quickly, the replacement couplers are bolted on to Thomas's pilot beam and painted shiney silver for everyone to see. Now Thomas thought to himself, "I can be a useful engine and help Duncan with his special Christmas train."

Every year Duncan is given a special Christmas project by the Superintendent of the Big Railroad Company. This year Duncan will bring a train load of Christmas trees to all the cities along the railroad. Thomas will help because the train is heavy and they can run trains together as they did on the Island of Sodor.

High at the mountain station the box cars full of Christmas trees are sitting on the siding track. It didn't take long to couple up and be on their way back to the city.

"Oh what fun I'm having," Thomas yelled as they were running as fast as the speed limits allow.

"TUNNEL!" yells Tex the Caboose, "I don't like TUNNELS."

"Not to worry Tex," said Duncan, leading them out of the tunnel.

"We're HERE!" Duncan yells, "more trees for all the children in the city!"

"What a fun way to spend my Christmas vacation." exclamed Thomas as their little train pulled out of town for the next city. "See you all next year."

Meanwhile back at the railroad shops, Joe the Forman asked Fred if he ". . . has seen any of Thomas's missing Buffer Plates?"

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