Duncan and the Christmas Relief Train

Duncan and the Christmas Relief Train

Christmas story by Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bruce

Duncan and his train crew is called into emergency service by the Division Superintendent to assemble a hurricane relief train that will be sent to the Southern States for Christmas. This train is called The Christmas Relief Train. "Your job Duncan is to pull the loaded freight cars from industries and make up the train" the Superintendent told him. "Take Tex the Caboose along for the crew ride!"

The crew boards the caboose, wasting no time, Duncan steams ahead to the industrial area located on the branch line.

Arriving at the industrial area midmorning, the train crew is ready for a long day of switching freight cars.

The Beverage Company is the first industry to pick up a refrigerator car. "Ice cold drinks like ice tea and lemonade?" Duncan asks. "Yes," replies the brakeman,"They also have Coke and Pepsi, but don't put that in your boiler, it will cause a bad case of foaming."

Next is the Tofu Factory. "What is Tofu?" Duncan asks. "This was the old Cyclone Fence factory many years ago, but now they make Tofu. Same process I think" Mr. Conductor says, kidding Duncan. "Better ask your mother about that!" he adds.

"What are we picking up here" asks Duncan. "Building materials, doors, windows, plumbing, all those things needed to repair homes wrecked by the hurricane's wind and water," the brakeman replies.

"What are we getting here?" again asks Duncan. "Several cars of good California oranges," replies Mr. Conductor after checking his freight car list.

"What are all these truck trailers doing here? asks Duncan. "We'll be hauling the Railway Express trailer shipments of Christmas gifts," replies the brakeman.

"I've been here before," says Duncan, adding "What do they make?" "This is one of the most important factories on the railroad, they make the cat and dog food," the brakeman proudly boasts.

All the freight cars picked up from the industries are now coupled together to be brought back to the yard and on an Eastbound Sunset Route train heading for Louisiana by this evening.

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