Duncan and the Lost Toy Factory

Christmas story by Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bruce

Last year, Mr. Yardmaster gave Duncan the important job of working the caboose track in the yard. With lots of enthusiasm but very little tractive effort, Duncan places the Conductors caboose on trains leaving the yard.

Duncan's friends, Mr. Loader and Mr. Truck remind him that Christmas is coming soon. His favorite job is to bring the Box Car full of toys to the children.

Duncan went to see Mr. Yardmaster to find the number of the Box Car full of toys. Mr. Yardmaster tells Duncan, "The Box Car full of toys has not arrived in the yard from the Toy Factory! Duncan, you have your train orders all the way to the Toy Factory spur track at Sun Valley and get the Box Car full of toys."

Duncan asks Mr. Mallet if he can run with him over the mountains to get the Box Car full of toys still at the Toy Factory, a looooong way away. "Sure Duncan," Mr. Mallet says, "You can run as a helper engine ahead of the caboose for our trip over the mountain pass!"

Mr. Mallet pulling and Duncan pushing their train, they leave the Yard passing Termite Tower for the looooong trip over the mountain pass.

It is a long journey for Duncan although Mr. Mallet is used to the trips. They stopped for water many times and finally arrived in Sun Valley where the Toy Factory is.

Along the main line there are a lot of industries, many more than Duncan had ever dreamed of. Duncan asks, "Are you the Toy Factory?" "No" says the fork lift operator, "We make water heaters here."

Further along the spur track Duncan passes another factory building. "I don't think toys are made here," he thinks to himself.

At the end of the spur track Duncan finds the Tar Paper Factory. There is NO Toy Factory here.

Going down another track, again Duncan asks, "Do you make Toys here?" "No" says old Joe, "We sell lumber to the Toy Factory. Go down that other spur track and you will find the Toy Factory there."

The switch was thrown and Duncan finds his way on the next spur track to the Toy Factory where the rest of the train crew waiting for him to move the Box Car of Toys to the station.

But would you believe it! The station was just down the main line tracks a short distance where all the children were waiting for him.

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