Duncan and the Toy Car

There was a little steam engine named Duncan. His job at the pit mine was moving freight car loads of sand and rock to the main line. He was the littlest engine and did his best all the time.

One day his friend Diesel picked up the rock cars and told Duncan, "The Christmas Toy Car has arrived at rail yard. I'm too busy today, and can't take the Toy Car to the station where all the children are waiting."

Trever the Tractor said to Duncan, "Go to ask the big engines at the Roundhouse. Maybe one of them can take the Toy Car to the station."

At the Roundhouse Duncan asked his big sister Daylight, "Can you move the Toy Car?" "I'm too busy, Duncan, taking passenger trains full of children to the station."

The biggest engine of all, Mr. Mallet, told Duncan, "My job is to pull heavy trains of freight cars over the mountains. I have no time to move the Toy Car to the station."

All the engines were too busy to move the Toy Car to the station. They all told Duncan that HE will have to move the Toy Car to the station. The children will be arriving soon. "Get going Duncan, Hurry!"

To the railroad yard Duncan went to find the Toy Car. But there were so many freight cars and they all look alike! Which one was the Toy Car?

Duncan got the Toy Car's number from Mr. Yard Master. The Toy Car has a really big number that Duncan has to remember.

It is easy for Duncan to find the Box Car full of Toys now he has the number. Now he has to hurry to take the Toy Car to the Station where children are waiting.

Mr. Yard Master tells Duncan, "Don't forget your Caboose." Now he is a train traveling on the main line to the Station.

Across the great desert the little train goes.

Duncan pulls his train over the mountain pass.

Here comes Duncan to the Station with the Toy Car just in time for the waiting children. The Toy Car door is opened and all the toys are given to the children by Santa. What a surprise! Santa was on the Caboose.

Later back at the Roundhouse, Duncan finds all of his engine friends waiting for him. They had planned all along for him to deliver the Toy Car and Santa to the Station. Duncan was happy that he had so many friends.

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