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Netflix Revolution an Introduction

  People have been getting interested in the financial market for the most part as it is something that is gaining more profit again and again. There are a lot of people who have tasted success in the hands of this market and at the same time, there is an immense number of people who… Read More »

Banking Has Turned Digital

  The heavy ledgers on the tabletops of bank executives are seldom sight now because the same positions are held by desktops in the banks. We are welcomed not by the receptionist or inquiry desk but by token machines, and automatic machines taking care of a variety of tasks from printing that were done manually… Read More »

Making a Southern Pacific Gondola from a Tyco Car

This is another cheep modeling project on how to to turn another Tyco car into a decent looking Southern Pacific G-50-25 type gondola. The prototype cars, a total of 400 were assembled at the Sacramento Shops during the years of 1951-52 and numbered 160650 – 161049. By 1956 the cars were renumbered between 300024 –… Read More »

Trona Railway

Build a 9’x11′ HO Shelf Layout of the Trona Railway rona Railway Mountain Ranges. Soon the heavily laden potash train pulls into the Searles Station interchange, located midway along Southern Pacific’s Jawbone branch, running from Mojave to Lone Pine, CA. An old pair of Baldwin diesels pull into one of the yard tracks to drop… Read More »

Trona Railway

The summer of 1972, I visited the Trona Railway to photograph the Baldwin Diesel Locomotives. These were the last of their kind, with a diesel engine that sounded like it was going to self destruction any second, leaving it’s pistons and parts along the right-of-way. NEW! Here’s a Trona Railway, HO layout in PDF format… Read More »

The Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley Railroad

My layout is modeled after Southern California during the early 1960s. It is built as a round the room shelf type layout, 14 to 18 inches wide allowing for close up photography. Enjoy the photo tour and be sure to check out more web-article links for model building projects at the top and the bottom… Read More »

Taylor Yard, Glendale, Ca.

Views of Taylor Yard taken during the early 1960s. This was the Southern Pacific’s Taylor yard facility. Freight cars were sent over the hump yard tracks to be sorted and made into new trains or for local freights. The diesel facility seen here next to the LA River was the main shops for SP here… Read More »

Zoom Cereal and Strongheart Packing Company

    Located in the Central Manufacturing District in Vernon, a few miles of downtown Los Angeles is the Strongheart Packing Company, they made dog food. I choose this industry to model in HO Scale as it had interesting roof shapes and brick and sheet metal walls.   The Strongheart Packing Company (see red arrow),… Read More »


THE COAST LINE   GLENDALE DEPOT This was the first stop from LAUPT for the Coast Daylight and Lark heading towards San Francisco along the Coast Line. The San Joaquin Daylight and the Owl made their stops, then left on the Valley Route at Burbank Junction towards Bakersfield.BURBANK DEPOT was built in 1929, by 1931 five passenger… Read More »