Burbank Branch Industries, 1981

Listed in westward direction.


Orowheat Baking Co.1983. Albert Novak photo

North Hollywood

Historic Views of North Hollywood

This is the Valley Moulding Products Company as it appeared in 1974, then the L.A. Moulding Products Company as listed in the 1981 SPINS book. The original use of the building may have been a citrus packing business.

The sign on this building is for Casing Distributors of California, the black lettering is from an earlier Building Supply business. Listed in the 1981 SPINS book as the Horizon Art Products Co.

This building is (next to the one in the above photograph) is DiGiacomo Inc. If you can help provide more information about this or other industrial buildings along the Burbank Branch, please email me.

Not exactly an industry in North Hollywood, but the switching crew stopped here to go to "beans" at Phil's Diner, located directly across from the tracks on Chandler Blvd.

The nice folks at the Neiman Reed Lumber Company provided these two photos taken 1991, of their lumber yard. In the distance is an Southern Pacific box being unloaded with a heavy duty fork lift.

A closer view of loaded freight cars inside the Neiman Reed yard. The spur track was long enough for two car lengths.

Thanks to Robin Haas for this early 1950s photo of the Neiman Reed Lumber Company, at 13301 Burbank Blvd in Van Nuys .

Van Nuys



Canoga Park

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A NEW guest page by Jack Neville, who lived in North Hollywood during the 1950s, spending much of his youth at the Depot and rode the Burbank Branch Local.


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