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Zoom Cereal and Strongheart Packing Company

    Located in the Central Manufacturing District in Vernon, a few miles of downtown Los Angeles is the Strongheart Packing Company, they made dog food. I choose this industry to model in HO Scale as it had interesting roof shapes and brick and sheet metal walls.   The Strongheart Packing Company (see red arrow),… Read More »


THE COAST LINE   GLENDALE DEPOT This was the first stop from LAUPT for the Coast Daylight and Lark heading towards San Francisco along the Coast Line. The San Joaquin Daylight and the Owl made their stops, then left on the Valley Route at Burbank Junction towards Bakersfield.BURBANK DEPOT was built in 1929, by 1931 five passenger… Read More »

Southern Pacific Railroad Structures

This is a small yard office that was located on the north side of the Broadway Street bridge at the south end of Southern Pacific’s old Midway yard. On the far side of the building are the Santa Fe’s interchange tracks with the Sourthen Pacific’s at Midway. On the south side of the Broadway Street… Read More »

Along Espee Lines

A 1970’s pictorial of railroading.   A Valley Line freight passing the Glendale Depot speeds torwards Mojave. At Burbank, a GP20 and a GP9 provide the power for this Coast Line, Local, heading eastbound towards Taylor Yard. Also seen in the picture is the Burbank Blvd. overpass where in the background the Junction Tower was.… Read More »

SP Co. Searchlight Signal Blueprints

CE 10764 Sheet 2 Electro – Pneumatic Switch Layout CE 10615 Sheet 127 Signal Assemblies 7-2-41 CE 10615 Sheet 127A Searchlight Signal Masts Drilling Details 1-5-43 CE 10615 Sheet 127B Ladders for Searchlight Signals 1-8-43 CE 10615 Sheet 127-1A Signal Assemblies 1-20-48 CE 10615 Sheet 127-1B Signal Assemblies 9-15-52 CE 10615 Sheet 130 Track Car… Read More »

Jack Line Oil Fields, Simi Valley, Ca.

Located in one of the side canyons of the Simi Valley (many years ago) was this Jack Line oil field. Inside this building was the Eccentric Drive Machine to pull the Pump Jacks. This type of pump called a Circle Jack, was built up from steel pipe, an old flat-belt wheel that carries the wire… Read More »

California Oil Fields in Color

This page is a photo collection of oil fields equipment taken thirty years ago around Southern California. Lets start the tour. Here is the Pump Jack power building of the Manely Oil Co. across the freeway from their Bulk Oil plant that is seen on the other web page. This building houses the Eccentric Drive… Read More »

The Charles Robinson Photo Collection

Los Angeles Union Station     The Morning Daylight, train #99 leaving the LAUPT, 8:15AM, 1951.    The Lark, train #76 inbound arrives at 8:30AM.    Santa Fe Engine 3731 heads the Second District Local out of Union Station Terminal.    Santa Fe, Atlantic type engine #1486 with Train #145. More information needed as I… Read More »

Rails along the River

  Some of these historical photographs show the Los Angeles River before the riverbed was concreted. Located on along each side of the river were the railroads of Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and the Union Pacific. All three railroads spent considerable time and money to dump fill along the banks of the river, this to… Read More »

Refrigerator Cars

with Ice Hatches Many of these photos are from large collection of 35 mm slides I bought some 30 years ago taken between 1957-58. (*) Photos I took between 1973-75. ART 91561, Liebmann Packing Company BAR 8918, B&A RR * BREX 76078, Burlington Refrigerator Express * CB&Q 239599, Burlington, wood sided reefer * CDRX 5002,… Read More »