The Los Angeles River Railroads is about the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and the Santa Fe Railways that ran their tracks over and beside this river of concrete. I offer these historic photographs of the 1930's and my photography efforts from the 1960's through the 1970's, of Railroading in Los Angeles.
Old friends will notice that the LARR Heading Photo at the top of the page has changed, This photo was taken during the early 1960s from the Broadway Street Bridge looking north towards the San Fernando Valley.

LA Railroad History

This historical perspective of the Southern Pacific Railroad by Larry Mullaly and Bruce Petty, will take you back to the first days of railroading in Los Angeles right up to the Union Pacific takeover. Our "Southern Pacific in Los Angeles" book is from Golden West Publishers. Check with Amazon Books for a copy. ISBN 0-87095-118-1

NEW S.P. Stations in the San Ferando Valley

The Charles Robinson Photo Collection
Taken between 1946 and 1951 at the Los Angeles Union Passenger Station and SP's Taylor Yard.

NEW Searchlight Signals
From my collection of Southern Pacific's engineering blueprints of CTC Equipment and Searchlight Signals.

Here is a webpage for our Dunsmuir Model Railroad Club. Our meetings are on Tuesday nights starting at 6:00PM.

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The Los Angeles Yard also known as Taylor Yard was constructed by the Southern Pacific Railroad along the banks of the L.A. River in Glendale in 1925. This yard was to relieve the freight traffic congestion of the downtown River Station Yard (AKA the Bull Ring), and Midway Yard. This view of the yard in color was taken during the early 1960s when the tallest structure downtown was the LA City Hall. Here is a picture of the Alhambra Shops. Photo 1960, courtesy S.P. Lines
Along the bank of the Los Angeles River are Taylor yard Diesel Shops. This was constructed in 1949 to service Southern Pacific's growing fleet of new diesel power as the use of the steam locomotive ended by the mid 1950s. Photo 1972.

Photo of the Taylor Yard Shops back in the steam days.

At Dayton Ave. Tower, Southern Pacific's few remaining F7-A's are being sent to the diesel shops for refueling. Photo 1971
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